Sunday, 8 January 2012

Absolute Spool

     It's been a long time, probably far too long. Life has gotten in the way and taken up far too much of my time. The little spaces in between these segments of life have been filled by various films, books, television programmes and the occasional travels up and down the country. In the long run I am sure this is a good idea, however for this blog it has been detrimental. So now here I am typing away with no real purpose, occasionally tapping the backspace key to change a word or reassemble a sentence. There is no real plan, just spool. This was always the intention of the blog and this unplanned rambling could very well turn out to be a perfect example of this. It could also be nothing more than a steaming pile of arse gravy.
     the other week I heard somebody say that a hungover state of mind offers a strange type of clarity, making it easier to write. My brain is currently going through an alcohol recovery period and I don't believe this clarity exists. Flashbacks of the homemade cocktail that slowly decimated some brain cells last night still occur, the liquid was thick and brown, think long island iced tea but with more inebriating ingredients. The main flavour of the Concoction was sherbet, a colourful flavour for such a drab looking liquid. The creator of this drink withheld the ingredients, but assured me that it was not just a mixture of all the remaining alcohol. After half a dozen glasses  being poured from the jug I didn't really care about what went into them.

     Once again life has been able to stop my thoughts.Over an hour has passed since the previous paragraph, any train of thought about drinking would have to be dug up. The television on in the background occasionally addles my thoughts. The little black screen is  is lit up by the news, which is full of people babbling spun stories and jargon that really doesn't mean anything. I can relate.

Consider this arse gravy excreted.


  1. makes such a mundane thing seem so much deeper.

  2. lol i know that feeling i once drew everything i was thinking on a whiteboard, it was chaos! keep it up! ><

  3. some deep stuff here
    Keep goin

  4. munda is replace with fantasy-.

  5. ur doing good, relax. everyone needs sometime for himself :D

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